Google Maps: add BP profile map to sidebar?

I am trying to set up the BP Profile Maps feature of Google Maps (on WP 3.3.1, BP 1.5.5, GM 2.5.3). I have been able to get all users automatically added to a single map that displays on the Members page. Which is great. I have also been able to display the map on another page using this shortcode:

[agm_all_profiles_map width=”200px” height=”200px” zoom=”3″ show_markers=”0″]

What I want is for this map of all members to appear in the sidebar. But I don’t see any way to do this with the Google Maps widget. If I create a new map, there is no option to add shortcode. And under the “Use this map” options to select an existing map, my profile map isn’t available to select. When I select Use All maps, my profile map is not included. How can I make this work? I’m new to the WP universe, so maybe I’m missing something obvious?