Google Maps and Protected Content Conflict

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I have a bit of an issue/feedback for plugin devs. Google Maps and Protected Content aren’t playing well together and I need them too. :disappointed: For now, I have disabled Google Maps as I need Protected Content (higher priority) to work.

The Test/Site Setup:


– WP 4.01, all plugins up to date.

– I have a setup site with Events+ and Google Maps and other plugins from theme and other sources. I upgraded Protected content and reactivated as I wanted to do memberships last when I have content to protect.

The Problem


– When you go to add “protect pages” or any general or other settings. You cannot add any pages or change any settings in PC. This was working before but now it doesn’t. So I started debugging.

TroubleShooting Performed


– Permalink switching (didn’t work)

– Maybe previous version of PC was too old and new upgrade has one too many changes. (nuke & reinstall didn’t work)

– Disabled all plugins, activated one by one. (Success, bug: Found it was Google Maps plugin from WPMUDev. on the conflict )

— So not PC upgrade or virtual page change to wp pages related.

— Also tested the combo of events+ with google maps plugin but in the end it was Google Maps.

Other tests

– I had to be sure before I posted here.

– Installed Google Maps & PC on a WP 4.01 install I have with default 2014 theme. I was able to reproduce the bug there too.

Possible Solutions:

– Maybe its a JS issue with PC and GoogleMaps on admin screens/wp-admin. I would have looked deeper but I have to focus on the rest of the site that is due soon.

– Maybe I can deactivate, add protect pages + other settings and reactivate google maps plugin for demo I need to do mid-Jan but my worry is, I don’t know what other side effects there might be due to google maps plugin running along side PC.


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    Hi Michelle,


    I think issue is with PC because after enabling it, other features I had on the site via WPBakery Visual Composer plugin (page builder plugin) are not working. Couple of these include, Posts Slider (tried both flex slider & nivo slider options) and Buttons added via builder that I know of because I am using them and now are broken. I can work around the buttons with css. Its not just the backend but front end too now.

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