Google Maps - Association with post changes as user adds new post.


UPDATE: Please hold on addressing this issue. May be a one off-problem. Continuing testing.

UPDATE2: It appears to be okay now. I think this one map was left in limbo during patching. I have deleted the Barto, PA map and have not had the erroneous association on newer posts. I will offer final confirmation after cron event wipes old posts and testing verifies. Thank you.

I wanted to raise a question with the latest patch to google maps plugin.

It appears when a map is associated with a post, if after a post is deleted (essentially invalidating the association in a mashup) and a user creates a new post, the old map associates with the new post even though the map is no longer valid and not intended to be associated.

You can see this with the mashup:

There is a map marker for Barto, PA who's post was deleted, showing the marker for Breckenridge, CO.

Only explanation is that the user that created the post is somehow being tied to the map marker, so any subsequent posts acquire the association.

I have verified that the post that was originally associated with the Barto, PA map is deleted, so how else is this marker being drawn in the mashup?

This was not an issue prior to recent plugin update. Markers were successfully falling off as posts were deleted.

Sorry to be a thorn in the side on this, but perhaps it's best to catch it now?

Thank you,