Google Maps + BuddyPress (Currently not using Plugins)


I have a website that is built off a theme that i once purchased from themeforest. The theme allows visitors (Fitness Trainers) to sign up and create a profile, which gets pinned on a Map on the homepage.

This allows clients to come to the site, filter through trainer profile and find fitness trainers near them on a map.

I have been reading up on Google Maps + BuddyPress integrations and am trying to play around with it. I see a lot of identical features to what i have in my theme.

Can you please visit my site – and advise if I could produce the same Map + Featured Profiles setting by using your Google Maps + Buddypress extended profiles plugins?

Looking forward to using WPMUDEV!



  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there!

    I think you can do this completely with Google Maps and BuddyPress. If all the members who sign up on your site are trainers, this is really simple.

    Step 1. In BuddyPress, make sure Extended Profiles are enabled.

    Step 2. Go to Users > Profile Fields and add a new profile field that's a text box, called Address.

    Step 3. In Google Maps, enable the BuddyPress Maps and (optional, just if you want more features.) BuddyPress Group Maps add ons.

    Step 4. Go to settings for Google Maps, and adjust your BuddyPress settings as needed.

    Step 5. Use the shortcode provided to add your member map to your home page.


    From here, you may need to extend things a bit to get the cool pop-up profiles (I think those may be v-cards?), add a trainer search, and the ability to book appointments. We can get you most of the way there, but there may be some custom extending that needs to be done.

    Hope this helps!

  • Varun Sharma
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks Michelle!

    There seem to be a lot of plugins to build a site like The concept is to allow fitness trainers to create a profile and visitors to filter through the database to find the right trainer.

    How would you recommend recreating this site with WPMUDEV plugins?

    i’ve looked through your plugins and found a couple “Jobs&Experts” and “Directories” that looked like they can help.

    Jobs&Experts actually looks like it is the whole marketplace plugin and might be a complete solution to what i’m trying to build. Do you think it would be better to use Jobs&Experts or BuddyPress?

    Will i be able to do the Google Maps integration with Jobs&Experts?

    Also – can I have both Buddypress and jobs&Experts active at the same time? Would users be able to sign up through buddypress and use the social network? while trainers sign up through the Jobs&Experts plugin?




  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey Varun!

    Jobs and Experts could work really well here, and it would be easy enough to create a link to a trainer’s Expert profile in their BuddyPress profile. You can absolutely have both installed/active at the same time, too. We have an appointments booking plugin, as well, but I think it would get unruly fast, as you’d have to manage each trainer’s available hours from your WordPress admin. Jobs and Experts would let potential trainees match up with potential trainers on the trainer’s terms. Good thinking! I’m going to remember this in case another member has a similar need down the road. :slight_smile:

    PLUS, Jobs and Experts comes with a great search tool, which is much harder with BuddyPress alone.

    It does not directly integrate with Google Maps, the plugin, but with a Google API key, you can enable the geolocation Add On in Jobs and Experts which will let Experts enter a location much like you see in your current theme.

    I think this would be ideal!

    Directory is pretty cool, too, but Jobs & Experts is much more interactive, and it’s styled much, much better.

    Hope this helps!

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