Google Maps custom markers direct upload

Hi, the add-on for custom map markers seems to be non-functional for me, at the settings page anyways--was wondering if there is a way to direct upload the image file? Happy to work directly in SQL if you can share the table/row/meta parameters. When I create a location on a map it does give me the option to customize the icon (showing the default 30-odd from Google), so am hoping a direct upload/table insert might circumvent what is probably a conflict of some sort. My client only needs one custom icon for use across all maps, so if possible this should solve it.

  • Milan

    Hello @lars20,

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking us. :slight_smile:

    Actually we are not storing custom map icons in database. We just fetches list of supported custom icons from /wp-content/plugins/wpmu_dev_maps_plugin/img directory. I've attached some royalty free icons set with this post for you which you export to this directory if you want wide variety of icon support. :slight_smile:

    Now if you want to change defualt marker to something else, just replace image /wp-content/plugins/wpmu_dev_maps_plugin/img/marker.png with your desired one. Keep in mind that name should not be change to something else rather than "marker.png". But changes to core files wont' be preserved when you go for update. So its my humble request to you that you take backup of your code before going for update.

    But as this is very simple change you can go ahead and update plugin, and then just after updating plugin, again change "marker.png" to your desired icon image.

    I hope this helps you. :slight_smile:


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