google maps et BP checkins problem

Hello there,

I have a concern about your Google Maps plugin, I installed the plugin BP checkins on my site and I wanted to test Google Maps. This plugin does not suit me so I uninstalled and removed … the problem is that BP checkins no longer works and I have a google map that has remained in part my contacts on my profile …

I made an earlier restoration and crushed the file on my server, but nothing to do …

How can I do to completely remove google maps from my site and BP Checkins working again?

Thank you for your reply

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey delarue,

    Hope you are well today!

    Sorry to hear you’re having troubles here, lets see what we can do :slight_smile:

    Do you mind posting a screenshot of the map that is remaining in your profile? Is BP checkins giving out any kind of errors? Let us know if it is, that will help troubleshoot the issue.

    You could also try re-installing BP checkins as well.

    Google maps does use shortcodes, so you may want to delete those if you had any around your site; however, the shortcodes should of stopped working if you deactivated and deleted the plugin.

    If you have any other information to provide please do so as it will help us get to a solution faster :slight_smile:



  • delarue
    • Flash Drive

    Hello Tyler,

    I'm fine and yourself?

    Thank you for your reply

    In fact I have this card (googlemap) in part my friends my profile

    I have more checkins in my admin menu bar (google2) or places in my dashboard (google3)

    I deleted course BP checkins and reinstalled but nothing to do …

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