Google Maps fails Intermittently

I am seeing Google Maps failing, displaying nothing, intermittently. It's possible that we are exceeding our 25K map loads (Google Limit, right?), but very unlikely.

I just tried 2011, and it does the same, so it's not theme related.

I just upgraded to 2.6.3 and did a Save Settings in the plugin, which I have seen work, but not this time.

For some reason, I had only 3 maps, seemingly random ones, and at this time, no new maps are being created when I load pages which should have maps, but don't. I used the extension with the dire warning to empty the maps table, and tried loading pages, again, but still no maps on page or in the database.

In the source generated pages, there is no trace of the plugin.

I think it would be really nice to have some diagnostics within the plugin.

Any clues, please? Thanks!