Google Maps files being loaded with no reason by Upfront

Upfront is calling google maps scripts while I am logged even if I am not using any map, and even if I am not inside the editor.

On top of that these other issues would improve Upfront speed a lot as well. I am dealing with these other ones in other threads though. Just letting you now:
1- was not supposed to being called while upfrnot editor is off
2- was not supposed to being called while upfront editor is off as well
3- All lightboxes are being called even when it is not being used on the page
4- wp-content/themes/upfront/build/file_upload/jquery.fileupload.js?_=1469575455964
5- Buttons are being created as images, instead of codes like frontend builder plugin

Should I try to manage these not used scripts with one of the plugins this post says ( Have you tryied or know about some of these plugins plugins to manage scripts and css queues?

You guys keep saying me that the developers are improving Upfront, but my site is taking even more than 30 seconds to load while logged in and that does not seem to be a hard thing to fix myself. Please help me about that. Thank you!