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Just curious about intended use for this plugin. Client in concierge services just wants a list of local establishments displayed as a mashup. But if I understand it, the only way to create a mashup is using tags. So am I to create a post for each establishment? I don’t want these as visible posts in the blog timeline!? Do I need to hide the posts from the blog, but keep them public? Seems that I’m not seeing how to best set this up.

I’d much rather uses pages – could I use the ‘Post Tags and Categories for Pages’ plugin mentioned here:

If I used that plugin and tagged pages, will the Google Maps plugin include Pages with Tags in the mashup queries?

  • Arun Basil Lal
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    Hey jjsararas,

    So I take that you just want to show a list of locations on the map right? You can easily do that and there is no need to create individual posts / pages for that.

    Open up a page (the one where you want he map to be on) and click add new map, Give the map a name and add the locations. When you add locations, when the location marker is shown in the map, you can add the next location. Save map and insert to age.

    See the screenshot attached. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

  • jjsararas
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    Thanks Arun for your quick reply buddy,

    There is an associated detail page with info about each establishment including pictures, etc. And I click ‘Associate with Post’ in order to get a link to show up on the map marker (it then appears under ‘Posts’ in the map marker info, as you know).

    It’s just that a page is a better format for thest types of listings, so if I”m creating custom mashups with, say, options to show a layer of markers associated with a particular tag (say, fine_dining or golf_course), I can’t do that if I build the listing detail pages as Page and not Post (since Pages don’t have tags).

    What I’m saying is that if I build the listings as Pages (appropriate) then I lose the ability for restricting on Tags in the Map Query.

    I was wondering if that plugin would solve my problems, and if the Maps plugins would recognize the Pages with Tags. (and I’ve never used that plugin before).

    Thanks man!


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