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Recently I noticed our page (https://www.epp-france.fr/mengager/epp-quartier/) wasn't loading anymore. I double checked that our API had Google Maps Javascript included but it's still loading with an error. I am stuck on what my next steps may be…

  • Dimitris
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    Hello there Nolan Tarantino,

    hope you’re doing well and thanks for reaching us! :slight_smile:

    I inspected your website and browser’s console is showing that You have exceeded your request quota for this API.

    This is happening as Google has set a limit and you should be paying for more requests.


    Please keep in mind that each Google App can have an address restriction, so if you’re using the same API key for multiple sites, then it’d be better to split these up is separate Apps.

    API keys with an IP addresses restriction can only be used with web services that are intended for use from the server side (such as the Geocoding API and other Web Service APIs). Most of these web services have equivalent services within the Maps JavaScript API (for example, see the Geocoding Service). To use the Maps JavaScript API client side services, you will need to create a separate API key which can be secured with an HTTP referrers restriction (see Restricting an API key).

    Reference: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages#api-key-and-billing-errors (“Does your API key have an IP addresses restriction?”)

    Hope that was some help!

    Warm regards,


  • Antonio
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    Hi Nolan Tarantino ,

    I checked the webpage you have provided and Google gives this error in the console:

    “You have exceeded your request quota for this API.”

    Your next steps are to establish whether you have enabled billing for that particular Google account. If you have and you still get this, then that means that you are reaching your $200 monthly credit.

    Source: “

    Yes. When you enable billing, you get $200 free usage every month for Maps, Routes, or Places. Based on the millions of users using our APIs today, most of them can continue to use Google Maps Platform for free with this credit.”

    If you have a lot of websites that make requests to the same Google account, then you need to create more accounts or just pay for the excess usage on that particular account.



  • Nolan Tarantino
    • New Recruit


    Thanks for the quick reply! I actually was on the same thinking and checked this the other day and saw the API wasn’t correct and had made the changes.

    I see though no changes are made. Is it possible to see what API code it’s showing that is overused?

  • Nastia
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    Hello Nolan Tarantino

    Hope you are doing well!

    I am afraid though the console it is not possible to see which API is used. The API key can be found in the settings of Google Maps, either if it is coming with your currently active theme or a from another plugin.

    An alternative to Google Maps please feel free to try out the Leaflet Map:


    Hope this helps!

    P.S. Thank you Antonio for chiming in :slight_smile:



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