Google Maps Improvisation to be like Walmart's

Sorry, your support ticket section doesn't allow me to select the Google Maps plugin, which will be my subject focus. :grin:

Well, I'm trying to create a retail store map for my client's website, akin to the one found here: Walmart Store Finder

But how do I accomplish that sort of functionality with just the Google Maps plugin (and the preexisting UF theme)? Adam mentioned something about doing some posts backend and then designing those posts with the front-end GUI, but that's just way too complex for my understanding, unless it can be explained in greater detail or via screencast?

Thank you so much!! :joy:

  • Predrag Dubajic
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    Hey Caleb,

    Hope you're well :slight_smile:

    Our system will detect WPMU DEV plugins installed on site you've selected and those will show in the list of available plugins for ticket, since you don't have Google Maps installed it didn't show for you but I've moved your thread to right section.

    I'm afraid that Google Maps plugin doesn't have a search function like that but you can create multiple markers on your map in different ways.

    First one is to simply add multiple locations when creating new map:

    Just click on drop marker and drag it to your desired position.
    Save the changes and click on "Insert This Map" button, that will give you shortcode that you can then copy/paste in any page or post content you want, or text element from UF.

    Other way that Adam referred to allows you to add geo location to your posts.
    For this you will first need to go to Settings > Google Maps > Add-ons and enable "Geotag my posts" add-on.
    It will create new tab in Settings > Google Maps where you can choose where to enable Geotag (Posts, Page, Media)

    After that you can go to your post in backend and on right side scroll down to "Location" section where you can enter your address.
    This way you can assign address to each post and all left to do is to place this shortcode where you want to display a map with all your geotagged posts:

    Best regards,

  • caleb.mkdaman
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    Thanks for the helpful advice, Predrag, but I couldn't achieve what you achieved, even though your explanation was excellent. Was just wondering what format (as in address, followed by zip code and country or...?) should the address be in, to fill in the Location field in the backend for the post? I tried adding it, but it didn't come out alright? Perhaps you could do one in a format WordPress accepts, through the support access, and I could understand how it's done??? Thanks!

    When placing the shortcode that contains all my geotagged posts, do I insert it into the text element or widget element or code element? Sorry if my question sounds noobish...:blush:


  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Caleb,

    You can pretty much enter anything close to your location, like point of interest (Time Square), city name (New York) or direct address (Bedford Street, New York) and once you publish your post the map will actually load in your post.
    You can now drag and drop the marker if you need to adjust it to correct location.

    There's a test post in your site that I created, you can see there that the map is loaded and it points to Bedford Street, New York which is what I added in address field .

    As for the shortcode, you can place it inside Text element or if you want to use widget element that would work as well, just select Text widget and place the shortcode there.

    Best regards,

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