Google maps - map not saved error

Hi, I am having issues with google maps. I have searched the forum without success. I have updated to version 2.3 and get the same issue.
When I did my first map it worked fine. I then did my second map, which worked fine, but it caused my first map to lose its location and begin to show New Jersey (really..Jersey :grinning:.
Every time I go in to fix the first map after I have set it up again I get a "map not saved" error when I try to save it. When I initially choose "preview/edit" the "enter the location you wat to display" is empty.

When I look at the code I see something missing: See map_code screen shot. I am using basic tags [map id="3"] until I get this sorted.

I have deactivated all other plugins with no change.
Using business template. under camp locations

Any help would be appreciated.