Google Maps not showing the post title or linking to post when using custom field

I'm using Google Maps with Settings-> Custom Fields configured for:
• Use custom Post Meta fields support: YES
• Map custom fields: My posts have an address field: ct_Map_Addres_text_4079
• Discard old map when my custom fields value change: checked
•Associate the new map to post: Yes

On this page:

I'm using the shortcode:
[map overlay="true" query="post_type=businesses_entered" width="100%" height="400px" show_posts="true" show_markers="true" zoom="10" show_images="false"]

My problem is that on that page - where it shows the list of posts directly under the map, it's showing their address instead of the post title and it's not linking to the associated post.

I manually went into the post on green|spaces and changed the map and it shows right - but the whole point of using the custom field was so that we didn't have to go in and manually create the maps.

Is there a way to show the title and link to the post using a custom field?