Google maps or other plugin combo radius search and pin buttons opening bubbles with active links

Does Google Map or one of your plug-ins:

> Allow a zip code and/or address user defined radius search for service locations?

> Allow clicking on a pin that opens up a bubble that has a small picture from the related post (optional), describes the location (I saw this already), and have active links to post (woocommerce product or otherwise) and/or a website url? (example site

> Allow removal of the address and other information on the merged maps page? Just want a bubble to appear on click (as described above) when clicking on a link. And then go to the post that has another map with directions

Thanks much.


  • David Villanueva
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your expeditious reply. I’ll give your suggestion a gander and see if it fits my bill.

    BTW, the “merged maps” is an option that your plugin has where you can combine several single maps into one map. At the bottom of the map, there’s a display showing the locations with a clickable “directions” option. I’d like to have the option of these not appearing.

    It sounds as if your map plugin will not allow a link back to the original post where the map was originally made or a way to manually choose a link destination within the bubble. Am I right here?

    Thanks again and have an excellent day!

    David V.

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