google maps pin overlay not showing on click

I have a map with about 15 pins/locations set. One would think that the map will open the tooltip/info bubble when the location is clicked from the list. When a location is clicked, the map will "center" around the pin and nothing else happens. It is very vague which pin was actually clicked. It would make a lot more sense if the white bubble info popup would display for that pin when it is clicked on the list. Since my pins are close together, you never know what one you actually clicked on.

The other issue I am seeing is that if you have a long list of pins, the directions open at the bottom of the page, so when someone clicks on directions at the top of the list, it is in no way apparent that anything is actually happening, and that there is an option to get directions at all.

what can i do to directly address these issues? We were using a free plugin before, and switched over to this one since it is a paid plugin, and I gotta be honest, it just doesn't work as well. Hopefully we can get some support/fixes to address these issues.