Google Maps - Plotting all activity by a user


I would love to see BP Groups Reviews, BP Forum posts, comments, mu blog posts, all plotted on the map!

Is it possible to link the user profile to a Google Map marker?

Please send some rep points if you think this is a good idea !



  • DavidM
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    Hi Johnny,

    As per another thread which I can't seem to find right now, it was mentioned that BuddyPress user integration (having user locations displayed on a map) is in the works.

    However, I've not heard anything regarding these particular items. If BP Group Reviews utilizes a custom post type I would think that'd work with the auto map creation feature if you create a custom field in that post type to associate with the map.

    Similarly, if you're using the bbPress plugin for the forums in BP, I imagine you could create a custom field there to fit a user specified location field for auto map creation.

    Comments are a bit of a tough one though. I imagine you'd want them displayed based on the location of the user, correct?

    These would all be rather extensive additions apart from utilizing custom post type custom fields and the auto creation process. Let's see what other's thoughts are on these though.

    Anyone else have some thoughts or +1s to add here?


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