Google Maps Plugin

I am using your Google Maps plugin integrating it with Buddypress. The map seems to center on the newest user, however I need it to center on the United States rather than zooming in and focusing on a user.

I have used the center option and activated in the Google Maps setting.

This is my shortcode:

[agm_all_profiles_map width="100%" height="350px" zoom="4" show_markers="0" overlay="no" featured_image="yes" center="39.232253, -94.972412"]

The website is in maintenance mode, but can be viewed at

If you need to view the map, I will disable the maintenance mode!

Also is there a way to enable geolocation to center the map as well? I would use this option for logged in users.

Am I doing this correctly. Any thoughts or instructions would be helpful. I have scoured the support forums extensively searching for an answer but was unable to turn it up.

Thank you