Google Maps plugin

hi see the error message when i click on the new map icon after installing the plugin - it says that MAP id not load properly see Java Scrip Console for more details? I am baffled thansk

  • Colin

    Luis thanks for your prompt reply but that doesnt really help me at all - I signed up then downloaded that plugin because I thought it would just work? That is what it is still saying on the website? It appears that issue has been know about for a while but there was no update on the information which is disappointing as I have wasted nearly an hour.

    I am sure that your info above makes great sense to some people - so maybe I am subscribing to the the wrong forum - I thought according to the marketing that i wouldn't have to bugger around with overwriting FTP code and beta versions for simple functions - i am happy to pay for help and assistance but unfortunately this has left me thinking about renewing my subscription - I am going to for some free help best wishes Colin

  • Jude

    Hey Colin

    Hope you don't mind me chipping in for my colleague Luis here. I agree the docs need a bit of an update. We are working on getting this sorted and constantly improving those.

    The change in this plugin is primarily caused because Google is moving to an API based approach for all its services, while we do everything we can to keep it simple for our members there are some things out of our reach like this case in point.

    Also we'd be more than happy to do this kind of small setup for our members, of our plugins, free of charge in most cases. This being somewhat an exception as we'd require access to your Google account as well, which we understand will be a bit of a concern for you.

    You can either hold on for a bit for the update or use the beta version or one of us can do it for you. We'd really hate to see you go !


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