Google Maps Plugin Can't Activate: Call to undefined function is_multisite()


I just became a subscriber today and was a little disappointed when I could activate this plugin. I'm sure it's because I'm running an older version of WordPress, 2.8.5 that's causing the issue. I'm just hoping there is a workaround as I am unable to upgrade this blog in particular because the developer before me hacked core. Upgrading will break the site beyond use.

I really need to get this plugin working asap as no other plugin available on seems to do what I need it to do where this plugin does. If that means hacking this plugin to work, so be it, regardless if I won't be able to update it or not. That might sound like a bad stance to have but this site sucks and I've just gotta get it working. While I would like to, I don't have time to rebuild this site properly. They just want this mapping functionality added to the site.