Google Maps Plugin - Markers don't display, popups wrong size.

I've used this plugin before without issue. Today I added a lot of points to a map and while they show up under the map and in the admin area, on the front end they don't show up at all. If you hover over the area where there should be one and click then it shows up but the CSS around the popup is destroyed. I've disabled all plugins and none are causing a conflict that I can see. I've checked CSS and no conflicts. I don't know what else to do at this point but I added over 100 points to the map and would really prefer not to have to do this again. It was horrible to have to look up each of those addresses.

Attached is an image from the Admin area that shows what the map should look like and another showing what it looks like to a user.

I can provide admin access for someone who can assist and can open the site up for someone to assist. is the URL