google maps plugin multiple maps auto generated


I am testing out some of your plugins hoping to offer the lot to my clients through a multi site platform offering.

I am having a lot of trouble with the very first plugin I am trying - google maps.
I am trying it on the website right now.

I have an option of generating maps from custom field coordinates turned on and although I have only 6 posts with coordinates the map count is now in the 130s! At first I thought they get regenerated every time I save google map settings but its not the case, I stopped saving when the count was at 100 and the last time I checked the count rose to 130 maps. How do I stop the maps from multiplying but keep the functionality of generating maps from coordinates? Because I will be adding more posts with those custom field lat/long overtime and need this fucntionality.

Secondly, what is the shortcode parameter to disable the list of markers below the map? I want to show only the mashup map on my page and the current shortcode I am using is [map query=”all” overlay=”true” show_posts=”true” width=”100%” disable_scroll="true"] but I don't want to show the list only the map.

Lastly, even though I have show posts enabled and am ticking "associate map with post" checkbox when adding maps to posts, when I click on the marker it only shows the icon and directions link - it does not show the link to the original post, which make the plugin sort of useless for the purposes of presenting information.

Please assist with these issues. I have granted support access from within my main network install.