Google Maps Plugin Not Working Properly

Why is my maps on event scheduling not working? When I go to add a map to an event Im scheduling, one location address is listed hundreds of times. Does this happen to recurring events?? How do I delete all these?

Also, it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m adding a new location, then saving, then inserting, but nothing happens!

When I search for an event (class category) it shows them in reverse order, starting with the very last date, which is a class in year 2020!! How do I reverse this to show the next recent date?

  • aecnu

    Greetings Shawnmon,

    Sorry to see that you are having an issue with your WordPress installation and the Google Maps plugin with Events +?

    Please clarify.

    What is the URL to the place where this is occurring?

    If doing standard troubleshooting protocol what are the results?

    Standard plugin trouble shooting protocol - first to switch to the Twenty Eleven theme just long enough to check for the problem - if the problem still exists next involves deactivating all plugins except the plugin in question and then see if the issue still exists.

    If it does not, then you want to activate plugins one at a time testing in between to see if the issue returns. Even when you find one plugin, it may be in your interest to deactivate the problem plugin and continue testing the rest of the plugins to insure no others are also conflicting.

    You will know the conflict when the issue returns and which plugin(s) you activated that cause the issue.

    Please advise if there are any plugin conflicts and if so what the plugins are that are conflicting.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Shawnmon
    that's where my events are schedule as you asked.

    I scheduled a Salsa Dance Event and it showed up on the calendar 3 times on the same day. WHY?
    It’s only in my Events Admin page once.

    So, I deleted it from the events, AND I even permanently deleted it, but it still shows up. WHY?

    Which browser is best to use these plugins with? Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.
    Nobody responded to me through the wpmu-dev hiring site.

  • aecnu

    Greetings Shawnmon,

    Thank you for the additional input and feedback.

    I did in fact visit you site and see the exact issue you are describing and do not know what went wrong there but according to the system it is reporting you are several versions behind in the plugin updates with the current version being version 1.6.1 and we are seeing version 1.5.3 on your installation.

    Please advise if this is accurate and if the update indeed resolved the issue.

    Cheers, Joe

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