Google Maps Plugin Problem

First off, hello. New onboard, this is my n00b first ever post. I run the Black Sabbath site at and was looking to see about using the events+ plugin to manage the tourdate archives.

But.. I just literally started playing around with it half an hour ago, and ran into a big problem. The problem is that if I have the Google Maps plugin activated in combination with the Events+ plugin, I’m prevented from using any kind of Ajax thing on the screen.

Meaning, I can’t select the “Screen Options” tab, and the Upload/Insert Media popup doesn’t work.

I can get around this by disabling the Google Maps plugin, do what I need to do, and reactivate it, but that’s a huge kludge. This doesn’t sound like something I can fix on my end, like it will require a code change, but then I’m the guy making his first post here. : )

Any suggestions? Tkx.