[Google Maps Pro] Google Maps Pro breaks Elementor

Hi guys,

I'm getting an AGM dependencies error trying to edit pages with Elementor as described in this post: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/google-maps-error-in-google-maps-pro-widget-in-elementor

I don't know why there should be AGM dependencies when I am not using AGM. Also, I am not using shortcodes (as in the above post), but only the Google Maps widget. Nor I am using a child theme to be able to try the code in that post, and I'd rather not waste my time with it when the two plugins should play nicely together :slight_smile:

If I deactivate and reactivate the plugin it works, but if I make changes to the site, it breaks again.

Any thoughts? Does no-one else have this problem??