Google Maps - Pulling data from user meta / post meta


I am attempting to add maps for each event listed in the ready to play now database. I use formidable pro to gather and display the event data.

When a user creates an entry, there is a post created that displays details about the event listing.

My goal is to have a map in each post for that specific event and another map with all the events on the map - preferably restricted by either radius or simulated radius using maps size and zoom to limit scope based on user lat/lon meta data.


Should I just use the shortcode to create a map when each post is created drawing data from the the formidable database and known user meta data? Or should the map be rendered dynamically in the post, based on post and user meta data.

(For shortcode option I am thinking: [location coordinates="lat,lon" but not sure what parameters it has to add markers etc)

Once I have all the posts with their own maps with event location marker, in a nutshell and looking from a higher level, how do I draw all the map markers together on another map? I am seeking a little "birds eye" perspective on this process.

I know these are loaded questions; I have thought about 5 different ways having previewed a half-dozen plugins. I guess what I am seeking is a preferred method using your plugin versus my potential hack job.