Google Page Speed still showing images as not smushed

Images still shown as it needs optimization, and resizing. Have provided the following code, but still the images are listed as it needs compressing, and resizing.

You can find the code inside functions.php file

`add_action( 'init', 'av_add_thumnail_size' );
function av_add_thumnail_size() {
add_image_size( 'aboutvalley-thumbnail-custom-one', 255, 141, false );
add_image_size( 'aboutvalley-thumbnail-custom-one', 255, 169, false );

Also, there are two images being listed in the Google Page Speed from another server, however it isn't being called in the homepage too.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Susan,

    If I understand this correctly you have some kind of frontend image uploader and images added that way are not getting autosmushed, and the ones that you're uploading the normal way, via backed, are optimized properly, is that correct?

    If that's indeed the case can you tell me which method of frontend uploading you're using?
    Is it a part of the theme or some plugin that you're using?

    Best regards,

  • Susan

    It's not a front end uploader, as far as I know. I'm using the Divi theme. On the front page, I can do blocks for the layout and I can pull blogs to it (along with other options). It's feeding from the original blog page for that category to the block on the front page. EX: the first picture showing now on the home page is under "Entertainment". It links back to: I would think it would compress when it's originally loaded to the blog page and send the compressed image on to the block on the front page. Is it not compressing the original image on the blog post and hummingbird is only picking it up on the front page since that's all that's tested for speed?

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Susan,

    How Bulk Smush option works is that it picks up your images and sends them to our servers, optimization is done there and then those images are returned back to your server and replace the original (non-optimized) images.

    During the auto-smush (on upload) what it does is sends the image right after upload to our servers, optimizes it and returns it back.

    What this means is that optimized images are stored on your server and it doesn't matter on which page they are added on your site, if the image is optimized it will not show report in page speed.

    What could have happened here is that somewhere during the upload the Smush was unable to pick up the image to get it to our server and that's why you're seeing it as unoptimized.

    I installed Divi on my end and tried doing some tests but I'm not that familiar with it and I'm not sure how did you upload those images.

    Could you give us some step by step instructions, perhaps attach some screenshots as well so we can try replicating this and understanding what's going on?

    Best regards,

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