Google Pagespeed and Ultimate Branding

Just wanted to let you know that Google Pagespeed and Ultimate Branding don't seem to be compatible. I posted another support thread about this here:

In that thread, I was asked to post another thread about Ultimate Branding, so I am doing that now.

Here is the error from that post:

[Mon May 11 15:17:18 2015] [warn] [mod_pagespeed @12883] CSS parsing error in

Thank you.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @monsterdevelopment,

    I'm just looking into this, however I found the following on google site where someone else has this issue, and it looks like they will be releasing an update for pagespeed that may address this issue.!topic/mod-pagespeed-discuss/NrY9ux1boz0

    They recommend just ignoring the error for now as it shouldn't be causing any issues on your site, not sure of this as you haven't stated you are having any issues.

    Could you try editing the /wp-content/plugins/ultimate-branding/ultimate-branding-files/modules/custom-admin-bar-files/css/general.css file mentioned in the error.

    Look at the end of the file and see if you see anything like below;

    /* 1611111-1431377695 */

    Try removing that line if present and see if that clears the error message from pagespeed module.

    I'm also going to ask one of our developers to see if he can think of anything else that might be causing it.

    Hope this helps

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