Google+ plugin shortcode shows first post only & repeats 3 times


I'm using the most recent plugin version, and finally got something from the G+ profile's posts to start showing with shortcode [wdgpo_activities] after wrangling for a bit with the authentication through Google developer API console.

The problem now is that only the most recent post is showing, and it's repeated 3 times. Nothing else shows.

The shortcode will not listen to any arguments. [wdgpo_activities limit="1"] does nothing. I also tried without double quotes and it doesn't work.

I only want one page to show the G+ recent posts, using the shortcode. No other features from the plugin needed right now.

There are 10+ public posts on the G+ profile I'm connected to, when I click Import it says successful. I've done this several times to make sure.

We're on WP 3.8.5 with no caching plugins. The shortcode is on a private test page for now that only admins can see.

Confirming that:
- WordPress version: 3.8.3
- All posts on G+ are set to public
- Authenticating says "Google+ List of Activities for Collection PUBLIC successfuly reached"
- Only 3 divs with class "wdgpo-activity" are showing on the frontend
- "Import Now" runs successfully.
- When I tested the Widget "Google+ Imported Activities" with 5 posts on a live page, it shows the most recent posted repeated 5 times.
- Server is PHP 5.3 with the outgoing connections features enabled.
- Debugging log is showing completely clear: Getting auth url: [OK], Initialized and authenticated without exceptions, Successfully loaded dependencies, Getting individual feed: *********, Getting data, Importing data

I'm completely out of options. Any ideas?

Thanks for reading!