Google plus and Appointments plus crashing site

so i am now testing out Pagely and got a scare when the site crashed very soon into installation of plugins.

basically i am activating as much WPMUDEV plugins as possible to give it a good test so i have a plugin list from here to the end of the great wall of china :slight_smile:

i deactivated all plugins,
then began to activate one by one till i got to Google+
then BOOM ! crashed site !
so i said "AHH HAAA"
no joke i literally said "AHH HAAA" lol

ok at that point other plugins were activated so i deactivated them all and tried back Google+ by itself.
then BOOM ! NO crashed site !
so i again said "AHH HAAA" lol

it works fine by its lonesome self :slight_frown:
then i proceeded to activate the rest one by one,
then BOOM ! crashed site !
so i again said "AHH HAAA" lol

Basically what is happening is ;
Google+ works fine by itself !
Appointments+ works fine by itself !
but together guess what happens ? :slight_smile:

i was changing the plugin names via SFTP to allow for quick troubleshooting,
and somewhere during the process i got the following error when trying to activate Google+ (screenshot)

support access granted with all plugins activate except Appointments+
so if you activated it guess what will happen ?


any kind assistance here would be greatly appreciated.
please feel free to troubleshoot as desired.