Google Results Great - Yahoo & Bing Not So Much


I'm getting phenomenal results with Google. I launched a blog this weekend, and we're already front page of Google results even for some very common/generic phrases with over a million matches.

However, I still can't find us in Yahoo or Bing search results. Not on the front page or as far deep as I look.

Is this typical behavior, or is there possibly a problem? Could the plugin possibly not be pinging the Yahoo and Bing?

No matter what, is there any way to get effective results on search engines besides Google?



  • DavidM

    Hi Mark,

    That's a good question. There's a whole lot of articles on Yahoo and Bing SEO especially in comparison to Google, but it seemed to me that the means of ranking is similar enough, focusing on content. So I'm not sure why the difference here.

    I would think you could at least verify the sitemap, etc. is being sent to Yahoo by checking out the site(s) through the Site Explorer.

    Have you tried that yet?

    I'll ask a few of the other guys if they've got any thoughts on this too.


  • aecnu

    Greetings David and wpcdn :slight_smile:

    Being a Global Network Administrator and running server farms on both sides of the pond - I know for a fact that due to the brutal spidering servers of both Yahoo and MSN (Bing) that many hosts block them because they literally take the server down.

    If you Google about the MSN (BING) and Yahoo spiders - you will find many people have complained severely about them for years.

    As of today we once again blocked them though it may be temporary for this very reason - I have yet to decide.

    We test them and see how they are loading the servers - and they hit on multiple IP's simultaneously bring the server to a crawl if not down right full stop as in the form of a DDOS attack.

    I myself have sent numerous complaints to them both over the years about this and it seems to fall on deaf ears.

    Yes we have a few listings on them but them are collected when we take them out of our firewall for a little while and allow them to spider ..... until they come up with the same crap again with what appears to be an attack. Another phenomenon is that they seem to come at the exact same time.

    Google practically lives on our servers with a load ratio less then 2 - whereas Yahoo and Bing or MSN will bring on a load of 40 + in two shakes of a lambs tail completely dogging out the servers.

    Joe :slight_smile:

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