Google says Image Optimization is no good

Google and my clients keep complaining about load times. Google says that image compression (or lack thereof) is a problem.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello tex,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Could you please let me know to which of your sites are you referring to? I can see that there's a number of them registered with your account and I'm not sure which one should I check.

    It would be even better if you could grant me a support access to that site so I could take a closer look. To do this, follow this guide please (and let me know if/when support is enabled):

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Steve!

    Thank you for granting access. I checked your site and it seems that Google is "complaining" about some specific images that actually weren't smushed.

    I noticed two types of images that were picked up by Google: big images that seem to be in original uploaded dimensions and some smaller images that doesn't suit any of the defined WP image sizes.

    As for those huge images. There's an option in WP Smush settings to "Include original images" which is turned off by default. Usually those images doesn't affect score as they are not used on the site. Smushing them helps only for disk space usage. However, it seems like in case of your site these images are actually used somewhere on the site, therefore Google is detecting them. As they are currently not included in Smush optimization, they are reported.

    I'd try then to optimize original images too. If a quality is critical (though there shouldn't be any visible drop in quality) it might be worth to also enable option to make copies of original images, just in case you'd need to restore them.

    The second type of images are much smaller (like /2015/08/Sparse_311--10x40.jpg). That example image that I mentioned is 200x200px and there seem to be no such image size defined in your WP. On "Media -> WP Smush" page you'll see a list of all image sizes that exist in your WP install and that are optimized and this doesn't seem to be there.

    That might happen sometimes if the image comes from some plugin that doesn't define image size (but does perform resize) or if it's also an "original image" that's been uploaded in that size. Therefore, if it's an "original" image an option mentioned above should help. I think it's worth giving a try and let's see if these smaller images will again be "skipped" or if they'll be optimized.

    Best regards,

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