Google SS going away – other integrations?

Hi Guys,

As you know Google Site Search is going away shortly and will be replaced by their ad supported search…not much use for a commercial website! I have been looking at Addsearch, but their integration isn’t the best (wordpress plugin is currently unavailable and their recommendations don’t actually relate to WordPress). Although I seem to have a work around, it would be great if this plugin allowed for other types of search integration, not just Googles.

Ones I have looked at include Amazons, Solr, however in the case of this site neither of these worked well. Addsearch seems a reasonable cost solution.



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    Hi, that’s true, the paid option is going away only and will be replace with the free version. However, the free version includes ads and they will offer what they believe to be the best result for the search, if it is on the site or elsewhere.

    Given the above, you can imagine that many company websites will have a nasty shock in the near future when their site search starts suggesting their competitors products or services! Not exactly what you want when you have attracted a visitor to your site and they are looking for something on your site (not via Google).

    I have had huge problems finding a suitable replacement at a reasonable cost. Unfortunately GSS has put most of them out of business. In my case though, the only one to really fit was addSearch. This offered external indexing of the pages (not using the WordPress database as in this case the data is stored elsewhere) and it didn’t cost $500/month!

    I have done the integration now, but it’s not as graceful as yours. The site has the search bar in the menu (Ubermenu). I had to enqueue the addsearch script, then add a style to the input box of the search form. The problem with that is if that gets updated, I lose search. Your solution of replacing the default search is much better, so I would love to use your plugin but with the addSearch service.

    Hope that explains the problem. I really think this is going to be a huge issue at the end of the year when GSS goes away. Maybe if you worked out some deal with addSearch you could even get some commission for offering a suitably easy solution?



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