Google website speed

Hello i'm try to optimize speed for google, when i active plugin it works great all css goes at one file, but problem is because this file make problem on the speed, please see attached screen . Please help me.

Thanks in advice

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Vasil,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    That's a bit "tricky" issue but here are two things worth trying. First, please try moving scripts to footer. To do this:

    1. go to Hummingbird -> Minification page
    2. switch "Position" switch for the first file on the list to the "Footer" and check the page.
    3. if the site doesn't work fine, switch that switch back to "original" position; if it works fine, leave it in "Footer" position
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 for all remainingfiles "one by one"

    That should let you move resources "below the fold" if it's possible at all in your setup.

    Then, you might want to try to enable offloading all these resources to our Cloud using the switch at the very bottom of the "Hummingbird -> Minification" page.

    Once this is done, clear caches please and see if that helped.

    Best regards,

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