Google won't work (and Facebook won't with Ultimate Facebook running too)

I've tried deactivating all plugins except Comments Plus and gone to default theme. WP 3.2.1 single-use, PHP version 5.2.17, MySQL version 5.1.56.

I click, it pops up, I allow, then it just shows me the button again but no comment box.

The site is behind a "coming soon" page, so if there are suggestions that require a login, let me know who to send login information to in order to troubleshoot.

Also, there appears to be an incompatibility somewhere between Comments Plus and Ultimate Facebook. When I created two unique Facebook Applications (one for each), I couldn't log in to use Facebook for commenting on Comments Plus, when I use the same Facebook Application for both, I can't log out. I am not using Facebook comments, just log in with Facebook to comment via Comments Plus. With just those two plugins, 1 Facebook Application and 20-11 theme, I can login, but the wheel keeps spinning and no comment box shows up. If I reload the page (non-intuitive) I'm logged in with the comment box. With those two plugins, 2 Facebook Applications and 20-11 theme, it takes me back to the "Login with Facebook" button.