Got any template tags for Pay Per View?

Hi all,

I’m trying to implement my Pay-to-Post technique on a client’s site (see for more)

The problem I’m experiencing is with nested shortcodes in the post editor of the theme he’s using: WP-DaVinci from Solostream. The shortcode setup looks like this:

[payperview-shortcode] [another-shortcode] [/payperview-shortcode]

In the above scenario, only the nested self-closing shortcode gets executed, while the payperview shortcode is ignored. I’ve tested this setup in several other themes and it works just fine: Twenty-Eleven, Suffusion, SimpleMarket from WPMUdev, iTheme2 from Themify, Buddypress Default.

I’ve also tried to get the nested shortcodes to work in a page template, but no success.

Thus my question: is there a template tag that can be used/created to replace the payperview shortcode in a page template?

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated… thanks!