Got Error message WHMCS Wordpress Integration

i already download the plugin and already activated it
and i create 1 page name - domain so the url is

and my WHMCS location is locate at

so i put in the option of whmcs wordpress integration is
Remote WHMCS host :
Default content page: Domain
URL to encode : <not sure what it's for but i key in;

and i try to see the results by put all value to "Domain" Pages






but i got error message
Sorry this doesn’t look like a WHMCS site at Make sure your WHMCS Integration settings are pointing to the correct URL and that the WHMCS site is set for the Portal template in Setup | General

if i go directly to i can see the whmcs is working with sync to wordpress that because i'm using other wordpress plugin call templatesync. and it's successfully but it doesn't use the wordpress CSS. so i decide to use your plugin.
please assist why i got this error message at