GPL question and theme usage etiquette


Okay, so I have a serious question that I'm curious to hear what others have to say. The question is at the end because first I must explain...

I've been using WordPress for years and have always found themes for my clients and then built a site for them. With all the beautiful themes and developers already out there, it didn't make sense for me personally to build from scratch. I'm able to provide a service for people who are more on a budget, who do not need a site built from scratch, and who do not know how to put a site together, period.

I've always had the impression from companies like StudioPress and ElegantThemes that they were fine with people like me doing this. I've even asked their permission to make sure and they were cool with it. I've also seen other companies provide template options that were from StudioPress in their own site!

Now, I want to create a different service for people who have a different budget. I want to create simple web packages that people can choose from. Within these packages will be a variety of templates they could choose from. These themes would be from StudioPress and ElegantThemes. I would be using my own demo content and images, etc.

My question is... is this allowed? Is this frowned upon? What is the proper way to sell a service where you include someone else's theme?

I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you! :slight_smile: