Grant Extended Permissions Seems to "Hang"

So I’m using the latest version of Ultimate Facebook Plugin. The one thing that seems to not work is Extended Permissions. When I click the button to grant, I just see the animation that it’s “working” on saving my choice, yet permissions are never granted. Thus, I cannot autopost to FB. I’ve tried to deactivate the plugin and reactivate. No bueno. I’ve tried deactivating all plugins. The same issue persists. I even changed themes with all plugins deactivated and still no dice. I go back to the screen to enable ext. permissions and that same animation is there.

I host on a shared acct at hostgator and I didn’t see a write issue on the plugin folder; though not sure if I should check files.

I’m not sure what or where the issue resides. Any advice would help!

P.S. Error log is empty.