Granted access, image resizing issue

some hours ago I granted access to one of you, dear helpers :slight_smile: named Vaughan.
I didn't have any news from him since I granted access, but as far as I can see, we were talking about thumbnails resizing, and now when using pingdom or gtmetrix, even though Total Page size has decreased one third at least, Load Time has increased from 4-5 secondes to 20-30 seconds...

I would need to know what's going on.. are you still working on this? should I look for some other help? what did you do after all? I feel a bit blinded right now about all this...

Thank you!

  • James Morris

    Hello L&B

    I hope you are well today. It looks like your chat with Vaughan must have terminated unexpectedly. I'm not seeing anything in the transcript after you granted access. However, I'll be happy to follow up with you. :slight_smile:

    At present, the only image hosted on your site (and not pulled from a remote source) that needs optimized is wp-content/uploads/2017/10/lookandbite-logo-500pc-uai-258x67.png. I do see that you have not enabled processing of PNG images in Smush Pro.

    Once you enable this option, that should take care of that image for you. Please note the warning in the setting. You may need to update the file path wherever the original PNG was added to your site to use the new JPG extension.

    As far as page load times go... I'm currently seeing on GTMetrix that your site is loading in 2.3s and has a 91% A-rating, which is excellent. So, I'm not quite sure what may have been the problem there before, but the site is loading quite nicely now.

    Let us know if you have any further questions. We'll be happy to help! :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

    James Morris

  • L&B

    Hello James,
    thank you for your answer and for taking care of this.
    I am not sure which page have you been testing with GTmetrix, since our index page is a blank page and hence might have been giving you good scores. If you test any other page, for instance
    the speed scores are very slow, almost 10 seconds in GTmetrix (screenshot) and 20 seconds in Pingdom...
    Before Vaughan optimization it was 3 seconds... (But true the page size is now much less)
    I don't what is happening here, but we cannot go with these speed scores. Is there any way to reverse what Vaughan did? Like switch it on and off? I would like to keep on testing where is the problem indeed... maybe it has something to do with request #123 that shows (screenshot) but I don't really understand it...

    Thank you again

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