Granting plugin access to WordPress Editor user role

A little non-standard, but I'm sure you all know of this situation -
If I am successful in getting clients to use the Appointments+ plugin to do online scheduling, I want to be able to allow them to do their own booking; however, I don't want to grant Admin access to the clients (who are definitely not tech savvy). I would like to allow the Editor role access to the Appointments menu, but would rather they not be able to see anything to do with theme files, or other plugins.

How is this ordinarily dealt with?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Frank!

    When users are given service provider permissions, and you've enabled service providers to set their own hours via add on, those users will have an extra set of fields on their typical, WordPress subscriber profile. Subscribers can only see their profile settings, they're restricted from seeing or accessing any part of the admin area which would allow them to change any part of your site. So, you don't even need to bump service providers up to editor, just enable that addon.

    You can also completely remove the process from the backend with the addition of BuddyPress, which will let service providers manage appointments and working hours via their front-end BuddyPress profile.

    Thanks for your question, Frank!

  • Frank

    I forgot to mention this: I really recommend providing helpful details for the service provider users (same as is done for the developers):

    My Exceptional Working Days
    Exceptional working days, e.g. a specific Sunday you decided to work:

    My Holidays
    Exceptional NON working days, e.g. holidays:

    Please enter each date using YYYY-MM-DD format (e.g. 2012-08-13) and separate each day with a comma. Datepick will allow entering multiple dates.

    Without the explanatory text, the first thing they are going to do is email the developer, "How am I supposed to do this?", rather than try to figure it out for themselves. It's better to just give people the rules up front.

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