Gravatar Info integrated into wordpress, synced with buddypress and visible on public profile

I think the idea of is great. A profile which follows a registered user around ALL wordpress sites.

And MOST importantly FB, twitter, google plus etc services are VERIFIED.


I’m having a very difficult time with the typical wordpress & budypress profile set ups. I’ve looked around at various advanced profile plugins. I find the features at wp-admin/network/users.php?page=bp-profile-setup to be a bit limited especially with no verified services and no icons.

PLUS I strongly believe that we of the wordpress community don’t want to tire out our users with constant profile set ups on individual wp sites. GRAVATAR already does that. I can’t emphasisze how wonderful this idea of a one time profile set up for ALL wordpress websites is/could be.

I WOULD LIKE for the gravatar info to show up at wp-admin/network/profile.php and also on the front side of the buddypress profile at for example Gravatar Hovercards do add a bit of the function that I desire but they have to be moused over and the user has to actually go to to see the complete pofile info.

Is it possible to have at least a gravatar widget in public profiles with as much or as little detail desired as a temporary solution. (Full blown integration would still however be much better)

Perhaps what I I’m looking for already exists. If so I’d appreciate a point in that direction.

Thank in advance

Mark M.