Gravity Form capability

I am considering purchasing a Gravity Forms developer subscription (I will have about 5 sites going up at least in the next couple of months). I am setting up a gig guide (with payment integration) that will also have addons (eg. graphics for an extra price). I need it to link to categories & pages (eg. if it is a jazz band, then it will come up in jazz gigs). Also need it to co-ordinate with a calendar and state by state.

Also, I want to use it in conjuction with the membership plugin to get data for an advertising rate card. ie. I want to ask questions of members that can be broken down to statistics eg. age group, type of music they like, gender etc. I also have the need for a questionnaire for perfomers to fill out as they are getting profiles. Some of this information has to link to categies/pages too in searches.

Can Gravity Forms do all this? I heard the short-form plugin has been discontinued too.