Gravity Form Excessive CPU, Ram Use

A fairly large Gravity Forms form at is using 40% of CPU and more than 200MB of RAM when the browser tab is active. When the tab is inactive, the CPU usage drops to less than 1% and as low as 119MB memory. The form is extremely slow to complete and, in some tests, the browser tab crashes.

I installed Hummingbird and have brought the site score up to 91, but cannot figure out what is causing the heavy load.

I have enabled support access.

  • Majid

    Hello Bob
    I hope you are doing great today !

    The memory and CPU excessive usage is used by a JavaScript code on your site, It can be Gravity Form because the form is too long, or it can be something else. To make sure it's not Gravity Form I suggest running a plugin conflict test. Which means you should disable all the active plugin and keep Gravity plugin only.

    If you notice that the issue is gone then you should start enabling the plugins one by one and check if the CPU excessive usage came back.

    But in case the issue was still there, I would suggest talking to Gravity Form support and hear what they have to say about the CPU and RAM usage for big forms like the one you have.

    I hope this helps !

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