Gravity Forms and Marketpress

Ok, I currently have my shopping cart (in testing mode) setup with cart66, because the integration of gravity forms is awesome for my complex ordering process.

I’m a little miffed that cart66 doesn’t allow for my clients to create a user account to track previous orders, etc. It will make it difficult to expand into memberships and other things I need to work out.

Is there a way to integrate gravity forms into marketpress? I am specifically in love with the page break feature. My clients can then enter image numbers for one picture at a time. As seen here (still playing – there IS a white “next” button at the bottom right)×20/

Anybody ever make this happen with marketpress??

thanks :slight_smile:

  • Kimberly
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    Hi there!

    It’s definitely been done, however we don’t have any documentation written on how to integrate the two.

    If any of our members who have been successful with this would be willing I would be glad to make an official type post with some basic instructions :slight_smile:

    Guys? Any tips, advice, instructions?

  • phalangie9
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    Thanks for the reply! I have been playing with MarketPress (instead of Cart66) and I adore how easily it fit right into my template! I didn’t do a smidgen of theme-ing and it looks seamless!

    So, Onto the functionality.

    What I am trying to do is have a client designate pictures for products while/after they order them.

    1. For items with only one image choice – is there a way to have a single text field available as part of the order form before they hit submit?

    2. For the products that need the paged form created in Gravity Forms….I need to figure out how I want that to function and then come back if I need help. I might just link to a page later where they can submit the form….

    Thanks for the assistance!

  • phalangie9
    • New Recruit

    Kimberly – thank you for the info. However, can you be a little more specific. How do you access this “special instructions field” ?? It’s not helpful if I don’t know how to use it! All I can see as an option is to add variation. However, I don’t want a price etc. associated with it.

  • ktrusak
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    I completely agree with what you are shooting for. I had all but given up on trying to incorporate Gravity Forms.

    Marketpress is the only true multisite shopping cart, and Gravity Forms is the most flexible way to collect information for an order. I know there are boatloads of documentation for Gravity forms, the problem is there is a limited amount for Marketpress…

    Gravity Forms already has the product feature, so integrating that with the shopping cart should be do-able.

  • phalangie9
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    @ktrusak – I am in full agreement….but I’m not sure the support we’ve been promised for our paid accounts is helping out on this issue. I’m a little sad I spent so much money on this account.

    I think I’m going to have to go back to my cart66 installation. I need to get this up quickly, and I’m not sure “will any members help out here” is the kind of support I need right now.

    fyi – Cart66 was helpful enough to assist me with getting my theme setup. I’m just not happy about the user accounts. But….at this point gravity forms is more important.

    There are some other plugins I thought would be really fantastic here at wpmudev….but I’m not sure they are worth the headache if I am only teased with customer support popping in but really offering no help.

  • ktrusak
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    Yes, it is unfortunate and WPMUdev doesn’t even accept custom development jobs. They just direct you to the job board. I have been talking with Cart66 team members about having a custom plugin developed to suit my needs and they have been very helpful. Perhaps they can help with the user accounts.

    What do you mean by ‘not happy about the user accounts’ btw? I was thinking of trying cart66, are you using the paid version?

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya folks,

    We have to draw a line between what is “support” and what is “custom”. Think of support as helping you implement our product in any of the ways it’s meant to “out of the box”. Custom work would be anything additional that the plugin doesn’t do by default.

    It’s tricky, and believe me, we’d love to be able to code every single feature/product/customization requested, but it’s not possible. We DO listen to members and plan our development according to what is most popularly requested.

    We recognize that being able to customize products and even create them on the front-end of a site are features that people are asking for and will look into how we can most effectively and quickly accommodate that. However, if you need something that works today we simply don’t have it.

    So, if we can support you in using MarketPress on your site as it currently exists, we’re more than happy to do so, but if you need a custom plugin or modifications we don’t have the manpower to assist on that.

    Please open a new thread on any further issues as I’m closing this one.


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