Gravity forms + user registration + password protected page?

I have a couple of issues here and I think I am approaching it the wrong way.

I am using the Gravity form plugin + Gravity forms user registration add-on for new members to sign up to my site. At the moment when someone fills in the form they are automatically approved (role type: member) but we actually need to manually authorise them (to confirm their business details are correct). So, as an Admin I’d like to receive an email, “A new user is awaiting your approval” with an, “Approve” or “Reject” hyperlink. If I click “Approve” then the user receives an email, “Your membership has approved and your login details are…..” and if I click “Reject”, the user receives and email, “Your access has not been granted, please contact us on….” messages. Is there a different plugin or process that I should be using here?

My second issue is that I want authorised users to then have access to one page (and the child pages). When someone tries to access this page(s) I would like a password prompt. What’s the best process here?