Gravity Forms Vs Formidable Pro Compatibility With WPMU Plugins


I'm in between these two form builders and hope more experience user in the WPMU community can help deciding between the two.

Frankly, I'm little toward Formidable because of it pricing and lifetime updates. However, I still need more information to make my final decision.

WPMU is full of great develpers and pretty sure have experience these form builders. I hope to get honest oppinion from WPMU community.

1. Which one is the most compatible with WPMU plugins?

2. Which one has more features, flexible and ease of use (not too complicated for beginner developer).

I know Gravity Forms is a longtime winner in developer community, but recently I found blogs raving about Formidable Pro over it's fexibility and customer support. Look like Formidable is on the rise competing GF.

If you have used any of these form builder please comment with your experience and which is your favorite.

I found this topic here:

I think the post is too old. So I need more fresh information.