Gravity Forms & Waypoints Issue

As I've sent a support ticket into GF, I thought I'd also jump into the WPMU Community to see if you can help resolve this.

My gravity forms that are placed within the WYSWIG editor are getting a javascript class added of display: none and thus not showing up on the site. If I reference the form in the Sidebar or via PHP, they display fine.

If you visit the following 2 pages you will see that the gravity forms have the display="none" added:

But the footer of the homepage shows the Gravity Form as well as the sidebar in the blog: (called in home.php) (inserted in Text Widget)

Upon investigation, when I remove the following code from my scripts.js file everything shows up. This is utilizing Waypoint for a sticky nav on the homepage- but I can't find a display:none call in either this following script or waypoints.min.js.

// Do our DOM lookups beforehand
var nav_container = jQuery(".header-content");
var nav = jQuery("header");

handler: function(direction) {
nav.toggleClass('sticky', direction=='down');


if (direction == 'down')
nav_container.css({ 'height':nav.outerHeight() });
nav_container.css({ 'height':'auto' });


Any idea what could be causing it to not display when placed inside of the WYSWIG editor? I'll be happy to provide FTP or WP access as necessary.