Gravity Forms WYSIWYG Editor Not Saving Content

Asking here since you actually respond and help. :slight_smile:

Im using Gravity Forms (latest version) and Gravity Forms WYSIWYG plugin. This plugin displays the editor just fine on the form, but it won't ever save the content entered. Im using a multi-part form, and even clicking Next to continue the form process, then clicking Previous to go back, removes anything in the wysiwyg editor. Nothing ever sticks, like nothing was ever entered in that field. When I uncheck the wysiwyg editor option for the textarea everything works fine.

I can't figure out what's causing the issue. Thanks

  • Vaughan

    Hi @jarel,

    I have no experience with either plugin.

    I have found a few posts related to the WYSIWYG and using page breaks etc, I don't know if this is related. Are you using any page breaks at all?

    Can you switch to a different theme just in case there's a theme issue? If it works with a different theme, then at least you'll know for sure.

    Same with other plugins, disable all other plugins and then see if it works or not, you can then enable the other plugins 1 by one until the issue returns, then you'll know which plugin (if any) is causing the issue.

    Hope this helps

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