GravityForms to select domain of new site in multi-domains

Hi, I`ve being reading the forums for integrating Pro-sites and gravity forms, sadly without a real solution, the other posts talked about how to select a Template or how to select the Level make users select a free or a paid level. Im interested in this solutions also, this posts were more than 1 year old, and gravity forms have released MU support and a lot of improvements since then.
But my main question here is to be able to select from multiple domains on the new site form.
What would be the USERMETA that would correspond to that field. I understand that In the gravityforms I can create a dropdown and asign a proper value to each domain, but what would be the meta that that selection would have to fill out.
I also saw that with facebook registration, when users choose to register a new site with their facebook account also dont allow them to select which domain they want for their site, it takes the main sites domain as the only option.
Any help is really appreciated, I think gravityforms really has what is needed for a lot of members here looking for integrating with pro-sites.

  • PC
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    Hello there Victor,

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    Its discussed a few times on the forums but sadly there is no direct integration in Gravity forms and Pro Sites at the moment.

    Also Multi Domains and Ultimate Facebook do not integrate and the main reason I reckon is that the Facebook app which is responsible for the facebook registration is created for the main domain and that is why it only registers a site on the main domain.

    So at this moment the only way to do it is following standard WordPress registration process and select a Domain from multiples manually.

    Let me call our lead developer @Eugene Manuilov on this thread to see if he has got any plans for integration or see if @Vladislav would be the right person to comment on it.

    The subsite address is saved in wp_sitemeta table so that should be the right place to start for the integration. Let me see if Eugene has more info on this.

    He should be here sooner than later.

    Cheers, PC

  • Victor
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    Thanks for your reply PC
    Yes, I saw a lot of interest in integrating gravity forms with Pro-Sites
    from the choosing a free plan or a level, to select templates, and create a custom registration form.

    Im thinking probably is possible to have a registration form on each domain page
    for example I would need 3 registration forms, one for each domain and each form fills creates a site under that domain. I can pre-filter in a pre-registration drop down what domain they want and redirect them to that registration page.

    I don't know if this might work

    Also taking advantage of your attention helping me :wink:

    Wanted to ask you if theres a way or a hook or some way to filter users that are free
    from Pro users, and users that are in a trial.

    I want to build a marketing campaign to convert free users to paid with email autoreponders. And to take trials to convert to paid also with a series of emails.

    Im trying to figure out how to work around this, If would be easier customising any of wmpudev plugins like auto-message or with mail chimp
    but would need to move them from one list to another if they were trial and paid, to remove them from the trial list. Im sure you get the point.

    So if theres like a value that helps me filter free, trial and pro from the pro sites database, that I can probably integrate with an API with an autoreponder.

    Thanks a lot again and I really hope to hear from the developers on some tips to integrate gravity forms. Since Im sure theres a way other users have been very close but we are no experts in your plugins, some tips or articles from the developers Im sure can help us make magic with GV and your plugins.

    Thaks a lot

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    Hey there Victor,

    Thanks for posting back and sorry for the delay in response here.

    Wanted to ask you if theres a way or a hook or some way to filter users that are free
    from Pro users, and users that are in a trial.

    Let me check that with our lead developer @Aaron once.

    He should be here sooner than later.

    Cheers, PC

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