Grid Format – different page, different formatting?

This is a strange one, I have the short code embedded in 2 different page and once is reading the CSS for mating from the directory/ui-front/style.css correctly and the other is not.

the first one is the index page. I have this code in the body area to show the directory listings in grid format:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[dr_list_categories style="grid"] '); ?>

Ive formatted the stylesheet and it looks just like I want it. (see link below)

But then I added the short code to a new page in the dashboard, pasting only this in the body of the new page and saving/publishing it:

[dr_list_categories style="grid"]

The problem is that the grid on the new page doesnt get all the formatting. Its pulling some of its info from the regular style sheet from the themes h2 among a few other things. There is also a “>” in there that I cant seem to find. (See link below)

If the are both using the same short code and pulling in the same info, shouldn’t they look alike on both pages?